Sunday, August 28, 2016


This is the seat of the Diocese of Rome - St. John Lateran
It is also the pattern for the architecture of the cupola of the basilica of Our Lady of    La Salette at the Holy Mountain where she appeared in France.

Dear Co-Workers in the vineyard!

Greetings from Rome! Paul and I ended our Jubilee of Mercy pilgrimage in the late afternoon yesterday, August 27.  We used the bus and our feet  for this holy pilgrimage. Thank God Paul knows the language, which bus to take, and where the other three basilicas are located in Rome.
   We began our pilgrimage on Wednesday, August 27 by  taking the bus to the Vatican where we prayed at the Holy door, made an hour visit to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament chapel during which we prayed for each of you. From there we took the  bus to Trastevere, Old Rome, where, when we alighted from the bus, we walked to the church of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, who was beheaded because of her faith and prayed for our choir and all musicians.
The next day we visited the basilica of St. Paul outside the walls.  We entered through the Holy Door. We were blessed to have celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation there. We spent some time there and then it was time to walk to get to the subway station totake the train for home (La Salette General House - Fr. Efren Musngi is director of the house) 
We were so happy to see him as well as Fr. Silvano, the General Superior, Fr. Adilson, all three of whom were with us when we attended the First International Encounter of the Laity at La Salette on Sept. 1-10, 2011. So it was really a happy moment for us to see one another again.😊
Yesterday, we visited the Holy Doors of the basilicas St. John Lateran and St. Mary Major. We ended the day with a visit to the Church of St. Peter in chains.   Of course for every Holy door we entered you were all included in our prayers.
This is the third pilgrimage we made here in Rome but this is the most meaningful of them all. It is a wonderful preparation for our mission at La Salette. Tomorrow we leave for the Holy Mountain where you will all be included in our daily mass and prayers.
I am sure that you will have an opportunity to go for a pilgrimage to Rome and to La Salette one of these days.

May you all be blessed by God as you continue His work.


Isabel Marinay Dion, D. Min.
Adult Faith Formation
St. Christopher Church
, Moreno Valley CA