Saturday, March 17, 2018


I have been unnerved quite a bit by the presence of Donald Trump in my life.  However, never as much as this time.  I think it's because that it is so electrifyingly close to home.  This is not because I am personally involved.  It is because it is so disgustingly, animalistically cruel.  It is totally unconscionable that Donald Trump should put the Guillotine to the pension of a dedicated 20 year professional career a mere 26 hours before the eligibility was rung in.  
It is also monumentally disgusting to think that there was someone at his service who did not have the morally founded courage to oppose the president's order.  Jeff Sessions is just as crassly culpable in this matter as Donald Trump.
This inhuman decision strikes home to me because I was a human resources director for three decades and I saved a few pensions in my life.  There is absolutely no reason in the world that 26 hours of delay would have caused the end of the world as we know it.  Andrew McCabe had already tendered his resignation.  The act of cutting his tenure short was nothing but a crass attack on a career professional for no other reason than to exercise dictatorial power over an available object of irrational hatred.  It is meant to serve as a slaker of a demonic thirst to demonstrate a selfish desire to tread heavily on the lives of those who force Donald Trump to see realities that he doesn't want to recognize as part of the moral norms which guide most humans.  
I remember at least five or six people whom I terminated in the name of the company.  I remember these in this context because in each case those of us in the board room protected the start date of full vesting of the pension benefits.  In all cases the time between termination and vesting was less than one month.  None of them was 20 years into the process.  What Trump has done is life crushingly immoral. 

What he has done to Mr. McCabe is as bad as shooting someone in the middle of 5th Avenue, New York in broad daylight.  It will be seen if he gets away with it.

Whether he does or not, don't cry at my funeral because I'll be checking to see if I can find Donald Trump's carcass somewhere in the garbage heap of eternity.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


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Notice it says "mostly" original parts.  Original tonsils are gone.  Original eye lens are gone.  I'm only 4% Jewish according to my DNA, but I lost that original part in the early 1970's or so.  I don't have as thick a head of hair as I used to have and the original dark color has given way to grey.  I don't know how many teeth I have left, but whatever the number is, only 50% are original but even then they are only about 50% natural.  Have my original mind, but only half of its memory.  I have both original languages from way back when, but like my teeth the others are far from being original but when I get hungry on travel they do come in handy.

This morning after Mass about five of us declared that we were celebrating birthdays this week.  It was quite interesting to note that I was far from being the eldest.  
So here I am wishing you all a good life.  I pray that we will all be blessed with the kind of loving friendship that God gave to Moses along the way.  Of all the people who crossed the Red Sea out of Egypt, only Moses lived all the way through it and got to see the Promised Land before he died.  Then, some time later he got to accompany God to Mt. Tabor in a glorious victory celebration  with the Transfigured Lord, His Father and The Holy Spirit.  

That's what I'm shooting for, 120th birthday celebration with Moses and Our Heavenly Father.  Plus, I also expect that not a single one of you will shed a single tear at  my funeral.

This is the time when I had a REAL Thibault face!