Sunday, November 22, 2015



The following is from Pope Francis...

"Our identity is not for sale.  Do not put it up for auction just because you want to be like everyone else. Uniformity of thought is the fruit of worldliness and leads to apostasy.  "The warning of Pope Francis on this morning Monday, November 16, at the St. Martha chapel came as a strong slap to the cheek not only of the laity but of the clergy as well. The Holy Father thinks of the World as a place where "it is forbidden to be different, where it is necessary for everyone to be equal," where "we change the name of religious holidays - Christmas of the Lord for example - to delete our identity."  He calls this “Uniformity of thought” and warns that it is the source of "destruction"
To explain the misleading effects of the Uniformity of thought, to which he applies the traditional name of Worldliness, the Pope went to the first reading of the day - an extract from the First Book of Martyrs of Israel - speaking of the coming of Antiochus Epiphanes, the descendant of Alexander's the Great, described as "a man of sin," who was seduced by unfaithful men, and ended by gradually imposing pagan customs in Israel.  He decreed that all the inhabitants of his kingdom were to form a single people in a unique Uniformity of thought.  It was controlled Worldliness.  It gradually began to seem so reasonable.  Look, “we are like everyone else, we are normal."  However, it turned into destruction.  If anyone was found with a book of the Law to conform to its rules, they threw the Book into the fire, tortured and killed the one who dared be different and  killed "the guilty" one. Thus began a real "persecution" against those who had the courage to resist.
Worldliness is indeed deceptive and contagious. 
Worldliness is to behave as the world does. It is "to auction our identity."  Pope insisted, "To be all the same" as those Israelites who "disowned their faith and moved away from the Holy Alliance." (1 Samuel 8:20 - Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.)  That’s how we arrive at apostasy and persecution. Worldliness is a "poisonous root" that leaves the Lord: "She goes off and slowly grows, is justified, rationalized and contaminates" the Pope explained.  And if "many evils come from there," he added, it is precisely because it is "misleading" and "contagious." Worldliness is the door to the Uniformity of thought - "everybody does it why not us?”   This humanism takes the place of Jesus, and destroys the specific Christian identity.

As he usually does, the Pope was true to his habit of inviting his listeners to personal reflection, inviting them to ask themselves the question, "What is my identity? Christian or worldly? Do I call myself a Christian because I was baptized as a child or because I was born in a Christian country where everyone is a Christian?”  He concluded with a special prayer for the Church, asking the Lord to protect her from "any form of worldliness," and for the Church and the Catholic faithful that they not lose their identity received through Baptism as desired by Jesus Christ, and not to reject it on the grounds of being like everyone else.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Shame on them for killing these poor innocent souls.
We have to go over there and get rid of all those dastardly criminal mass murderers.  How can we stand by and not do anything about this?  Why aren't we  bombing them back to the stone age?  How can we stand by and allow vicious savages such as these to inhabit the planet?

It's easy for us to feel outrage at the human terrorist animals in the middle east and go quietly on our way as we are surrounded by the same kind of animals here at home. We don't hear the outcry from the halls of government to bomb our mass murderers back into the stone age. Not them.  It's not their fault that that they have anger management issues over other such emotional and mental unbalances.  Oh, and before I forget, I have to remind you all that this is the price that we pay for the great treasure of the freedom that we have in this country to bear arms according to our very constitution.

I and my spouse travel to Israel about once per year.  We lead pilgrimages to the holy sites.  Every year we get the same story from people whom we invite. They tell us that it is too dangerous to go to the part of the world.  Huh?  Too dangerous?  It's so dangerous that you can walk the city streets at night with no trepidation.  The mass murders in Israel can't compare with those we have here, yes, even on a pro-rata basis.  We are the champion murderers of the highly developed countries of the world.  Yep, American exceptionalism at its very best.

Before I leave the page, let me add the ever popular crusade of the "pro-lifers" to the mix.  They are not pro-life.  They are pro-gestation.  Once the baby is born, all bets are off.
Why don't they just say that they are anti-abortion?  Is it because then they would logically have to say that they are anti-capital punishment?  Would it be that they would then have to say that they are anti-war?  Or anti-drone?  Or, may lightning strike me!, anti-gun?  Or even for just a little bit of gun control legislation?

And finally, I will say this because no other commentator has dared to bring it before the camera... Oregon is a concealed weapon carrying state.  There were pistol packing students present on the campus in Roseburg when the savage killed ten people.  They did not, could not stop him.  One of those very armed students admitted so much before the cameras.  What happened there, Wayne?
Seems like the bad guy with the gun slipped one by the good guys with the gun.

I know that many of you will read this and your blood will boil. Good, let it simmer a while and then resolve that you will not shed one single tear at the news of my funeral.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This may have made you smile when you first let your eyes fall upon it.  That's OK. When I was looking for something to depict what I want to present, I smiled at this and moved on to something more "meaningful" and less humorous.  Well, as you can readily see, I changed my mind.
I changed my mind because the humor depicted here is also a part of the solution that I intend to propose concerning those Catholics who are in the "Impossible Situation" of an invalid marriage surrounded by children who are being taught to be faithful to Sunday Mass attendance.  That in itself, is half bad.  It gets worse when the children get to be eligible to approach the altar of communion while Mama and Papa must refrain.
Those who for some reason, and there are many reasons, must sit by and pray silently by themselves in the pew while many around them go to the altar for communion are certainly in a challenging position.  For some it is because they are in a second marriage after a divorce following a wedding in the Catholic Church;  for others it is because they simply did not follow the prescribed path to get married in the Catholic Church.  This writing is not intended to suggest means to rectify the situation.  This writing is offered under the presumption that the person who is not receiving Communion is in a life situation that doesn't have an immediate solution within the laws and practices of the Catholic Church for the time being.  It's like the person in the picture above. He and his load are underway and there is nothing that can be done to make the situation better except to keep it going in the hope that all will end well.

There are lines of misinformation concerning the life situation of people who for one reason or another are caught in the margin of the Church doctrine concerning the Sacrament of Matrimony. Those who live in that margin are told many things by people of all walks of life about their situation.  It is understandable  that much of the popular information about the sacrament of marriage is marginally true and exact, at best.  It takes some fairly well informed specialists to master the intricacies of Church Law and Doctrine about Marriage.
That is why Pope Francis and his pool of leaders are looking for ways to simplify the intricacies and clarify the doctrine.  This is a huge challenge not only because the Church must not change the doctrine but is must also be careful that whatever it does will be easy enough for the faithful to understand that the change is in the practice and not the doctrine.
Whatever happens will require some intense communication from the rectories of the world.  First, the priests will have to learn and fall in line.  Then they will have to instruct the faithful.  Second, the faithfull will have to learn and fall in line.  The priests must be ready to provide the truth, pure and simple. The priests will have to be far more reliable than the media outlets.
In the meantime, you who must sit and wait, must also pray and join your heart and soul to Jesus, sacrificed on the Altar for everyone's salvation.  Use the moment for intense communion of heart and soul and you will be supported by the Lord Jesus Himself.  Stay focused; Hold Jesus' hand;  You're alone with Him beside you in the pew.  Take advantage of that and talk to Him.  He's there and He never turns a dear ear to those who direct their ideas and their love toward Him.  Mostly, remember, you are not condemned.  You are loved.  Take advantage of the moment and invite Jesus to invade you in Spiritual Communion.

So get ready.  Fasten your seat belt and leave your handkerchief at home because after this you won't be tempted to cry at my funeral.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Love that predictable stuff!  Don't you?
Not as rare as 4 blood moons in 30 mos.!
But, very predictable
Now this one I like.  Nobody, but nobody, altar boy, censer bearer, Gospel Reader, bell ringer, bishop, priest, deacon, pope, patriarch, visionary, you name it/him/her, no one is ever going to be able to nail this next one down.
When this happens, good luck and God bless you all.
I am presenting my thoughts on the Bible based"prophecies" concerning natural phenomena that are making the rounds these days.  The one that is making the most impact at this time is the one making a big issue of the "Blood Moon" scheduled for September 28, 2015.  This is because it will be the fourth in a series of lunar eclipses occurring at intervals of about six months.  The present tetrad will present its final "Blood Moon" on September 28, 2015.
There are those who think that this tetrad is of special significance because all four of the blood moons are coinciding with significant Jewish holidays.  The prophecies that are being proposed all come from self-identifying Christians, not Jews.  They are all warnings of calamitous changes in the course of Israelite history.  The prophecies are all fashioned from specifically chosen Bible verses and are of course aimed at preparing people, Christians and Jews alike, to turn to Jesus in order to be in line for whatever will happen, up to and including the Rapture.

I do not think, and I do not believe that these astronomical phenomena have any religious significance whatsoever.  Not for Jews, not for Christians, not for Bhuddists, nor Taoists, not for Muslims, nor anybody else for that matter.  These are nothing but ongoing, very predictable actions according to the laws of nature. It is but natural and very predictable that some of these galactic events will coincide with religious commemorations that are based on the lunar cycles to begin with. There is absolutely no extra-natural (supernatural) significance to these recurring and predictable phenomena.  None.  There is no human nor divine reason to inflate the meaning of the coincidence between the date of a predictable astronomical (astrological?) event and the date of the coinciding religious high day to a level that reaches prophecy.

In addition, I do not believe in the interpretation of the meaning of Scripture as presented to me by those who tell me on the one hand that Sacred Scripture is all I need to come to know the plan of God but then try to convince me that they have the right to impose their interpretation of Sacred Scripture on me based on a predictable astronomical event that they say has a reference in the Bible.  No, thank you. 

Furthermore, I have a deep and abiding faith in the Universal Unity of God's management capability over the entire world.  I do not believe that God sends signs to Jews and Christians to the exclusion or marginalization of the rest of the human occupants of the planet.  God created us all.  God keeps us all alive.  When He decides to end the world, He will give us signs so terrible that no one will have any doubt about what is coming.  No one.

Deeper yet, I say that I trust in faith that God, the creator of the laws of nature doesn't play games with them.  He doesn't make them say one thing to me and another to you.  He doesn't make them behave one way on Jewish High Days and another way on Catholic and Orthodox high days.  He also doesn't play games with the Muslims and their high days, such as Ramadan. No, I don't think that God really gives a hoot about our mutiple calendars.  I believe that we are one with God and that He sees that we all have our good times and our bad ones.  He knows the righteous and He knows the sinner and He deals with each according to His will.  When the Hour comes when He will deal with us all, we will not need any "prophet" to tell us what is coming...It will be unmistakable...It will be the night of the Green Cheese Moon.

I will surely die before then.  You all now know that you surely will not cry at my funeral.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


The other day, the priest who was celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass made a very powerful statement during his homily.  He warned us to be careful what we keep stored up in our hearts.  He said that if we are not watchful about what we have there, we could act in such a way that someone could be seriously hurt by a reflex action coming from our heart.  He warned us to work at storing only good things there so that our response from the heart would always be lovingly caring.
At the time that I heard this, I was moved and I wondered where he had encountered this piece of advice because it was not contained in any of the readings for that day.  To this day, I pray that if he had suffered an accident over which he was repenting, that his public confession would be recognized by God who would cleanse him and provide him with the courage to reconcile with the offended soul.
Furthermore, I have been thinking about this and asking myself why it was that I was so deeply moved by the warning.  I am becoming surer and surer that it is because I myself, like so many of us, I am sure, am not really totally pure in what it is that I treasure in my heart.  I know for a fact that it is not always loving kindness that leaps out of my heart during relationships with God's beloved people.  I was sitting there in church, happy and self satisfied that I had got out of bed in time to make it to Mass.  Then, the dynamic youthful pastor, shepherd of my soul, dug in, shook me and reminded me that I still have a long way to go.
The amazing thing about this warning is that it should not be new to me.  I know what Luke says about our Mother Mary, about how she kept loving things in her heart...
Besides the famous quote from psalm 119, 14, we have more places in the Sacred Scriptures where we are enjoined to keep our hearts clean so that what comes our of our mouth will always be holy.  For instance, Matthew quotes Jesus, "You brood of vipers, how can you say good things when you are evil? For from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.
A good person brings forth good out of a store of goodness, but an evil person brings forth evil out of a store of evil. (Chapter 12, verses 34 and 35)
Matthew has more to say about this in chapter 15 as well.  There is a lot to think about when we ponder about what to store in our hearts.  Let's all join together and work at making sure that what is stored within us is nothing but LOVE.

Peace to you all.