Sunday, August 26, 2018


It has been quite a while since I have opined on this space.  The life and death of John McCain bring to mind a dictum that I have carried with me from the moment that I first heard it some 60+ years ago. It is the title of this reflection...Our death defines who we are.  It is a mystery that we all have to live and a truth that we can easily find within ourselves.
I spent a lot of my earlier years in a family that experienced a period of two decades during which most of my closest first degree relatives died of acute heart attacks.  In fact all but my sister Jeanine and my God-Mother Grace died that way.  Nevertheless, the dictum applies to them as much as to anyone else. The lives that they lived before the final event is graven in our memories by the mysterious chisel of the process that leads to death.
Consider John McCain.  Two or three days after he terminated the medcine that was keeping him alive, he died.  He decided that the artificial life that he was experincing through the effects of modern medicine was not true to the life that he had lived in the natural environment of pain and suffering that he had inherited from his war time experience.  He must have decided that if his internal bravery was not enough to keep him upright, he would detach himself from the pharmeceuticals and accept to battle on his own.  This time, as he was sure would happen, the attacker won.
I dare say that there are precious few of us who will forget the definition of self that is graven into our own beings.  Some for good and some for less than good, but each and everyone bright and long lasting.  Each and everyone of us is introverting our image of ourselves and asking ourselves and wondering if our death will be kind to our biography or not.
So, fear not the death that will define you.  Challenge the evil potter and give yourself over to the potter who fashions beings who are kind and loving, generous and brave, just but mercifully forgiving.  Now that's a definition that will get us somewhere.

Finally, remember that you are reading the thoughts of the one who reminds you that there is to be no crying at my funeral, no matter what the definition turns out to be.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


What?  interesting, but, see below ...
Now that you have looked at your hands and verified that you are among the normal participants in the human genome, let me get to what started this in the first place.
It all started when I was having one of my numerous altercations with my computer.  It was one of those moments when the results I was getting pursuing the commands that I was entering were not what I wanted.  Of course, they were the logical results of something that I had done earlier.  BUT, I was of the opinion that what I had done earlier should not have caused such pain.  I delved into the actions that could have caused this uncomfortable back and forth between man and machine.  It cost me about 30 minutes of "delving" which, truth to say, at some points was more"deviling" than "delving."  Along the way I took a five minute coffee break during which I let my brain fish around for some tactical actions that I could try in order to solve the machine's problem.  It worked!  I tried something that led me to the logical action that thawed the cyber freeze between my "bits" and Lenovo's "bytes."

Along the way, this happened in the attic of my grey matter.  I realized that I have zero comprehension of how the electronic tools upon which I lean so heavily and, for the most part, comfortably.  I realized that I am totally at their mercy.  I wondered how anyone could have figured out how to make this stuff work.  I wondered about how many "languages" the masters of these inventions know in order to make so many different levels of  logic serve us humans.  At that moment and in some following ones over the last two days I came to the conclusion that have come a long way in the years between my youth and my present state in its antonymous definition = senility!

I now move on to another realization that has dawned on me - that the people whom I know and who check in to the Heavenly Hotel are by and large younger, much younger than I am.  It happened again just the other day and I am very sure that it will continue being that way for many more sunrises.  It just so happens that along the road of life I have come to know many, many people.  I have even come to like some of them.  Furthermore, I still remember some of them by first name, middl initial and last name. Really!  They are not even relatives.  Yet, they have the same end that we all do...except that I wonder why 95% of them do it while they are still so young.

In the meantime I have come to have a couple of inspirations that I will be sharing with you all.  Of course one is about death and dying.  The other is about doing something that you think will kill you but brings nothing but hapiness and satisfaction.  Stay tuned as you enjoy the palindrome at the top of the page,  It will keep you from crying at my funeral.