Tuesday, May 2, 2017


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Bethlehem Manger Square Christmas Tree Lighting Festivities
We are getting ready to go celebrate early Christmas in Bethlehem, the place were Jesus Himself was born. (Nov. 29 though Dec. 9) The red rectangle on the right of the Christmas tree is the stage where choirs perform for the large gathering in the Square. This year, one of those choirs will be composed of singers from Southern California (Inland Empire area, mostly) led by Joemari and Ning Manahan.

The choir is but a part of the group that is being organized to visit the Holy Land for a few days of pilgrimage in other holy places in the Holy Land after the Christmas Tree lighting celebration.  There are many non singers who are joining the group many of them attracted by the $150.00 discount granted to those who make an early reservation.  
(Down payment of $350.00 made by May 31.)

The special nature of this pilgrimage is marked by the fact that the participation of a choir from this area is due to the fact that the mayor of Bethlehem herself invited people from this area to participate.  She came to know of us because we have been there several times.  She wants the people of Bethlehem to know that Christians from around the world care about them and respect their privilege of living in such a holy place.  This attitude is important for us and drives us to encourage people to accompany us to the Sacred Land of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

This, therefore is an invitation to you to join us. You can save $150 per person if you join by May 31, 2017.  There is a document with complete information awaiting your click on the picture of the olive tree in the right margin.  Or, you can just click here

By the way, for those of you who are not familiar with this blog, let me announce that once you have read this you are committed to not shed tears at my funeral.  If you want to know why I require that, join me in Bethlehem in December. ($2,699-$150.= $2,549)