Tuesday, October 17, 2006


By Paul Dion STL

So you say, "I went to Catholic school from elementary through high school. I know all I need to know."

OK. Get at least 18 correct answers out of the next 36 questions and I will (perhaps) agree. Click here to view the correct answers.

1. A man must be at least 35 years old to be eligible to be elected Pope. Yes___ No____
2. The Pope must be a Bishop. ____Yes No____
3. The marriage of two non-baptized people before a judge is valid. ___Yes No____
3a. The marriage of two baptized, non-Catholic people before a judge is valid. ____Yes ____No
4. Confirmation under duress is a valid sacrament.____Yes ____No____
5. God talks to us exclusively through the Bible. ____Yes ____No
6. First communion is necessary to be eligible for marriage by Church___Yes ____No
7. The Catechism of the Catholic church teaches Caholic Doctrie Infallibly.____Yes ____No
8. The Church is an object of Faith. ____Yes ____No
9. The greatest commandment is "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. " ___Yes ___No
10. We have been baptized in the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ ___Yes___No
11. Baptism may only be conferred by a priest____Yes ____No
12. I must receive communion on my tongue and kneeling down____Yes ____No
13. People who commit suicide may not be granted a church funeral nor burial in blessed gound_____Yes ____No
14. Vatican II was a worldwide meeting of bishops meant to "open the Church's windows of spiritual understanding" to the modern world_____Yes_____No
15. Catholics must refrain from eating solid food at least 60 minutes before receiving communion at the Mass they will attend that day ____Yes ____No
16. Catholics must present themselves to the participation of the sacrament of HOLY communion at least one time per year, preferably during the Easter season____Yes _____No
17. All people are called to salvation ____Yes ____No
18. Jesus is true God and True Man ____Yes ____No
19. It is strictly forbidden for lay people to touch the Host from the Altar____Yes ___No
20. Any priest can hear confessions and give absolution to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world ____Yes ____No
21. The ten commandments can be found in the Old Testament_____Yes _____No
22. We Catholics adore Mary _____Yes ____No
23. We Catholics pray to pictures and statues ____Yes _____No
24. All seven sacraments are equally important for our eternal salvation ____Yes ____No
25. The sacrament of Baptism is required before any other sacrament can be received ____Yes ____No
26. Catholics believe that all people who die must suffer first in purgatory before going to heaven ____Yes ____No
27. Catholics believe that homicide is always a mortal sin ____Yes ____No
28. Sins against the seventh commandment are not fully forgiven until after restitution is made ____Yes ____No
29. All people are called by God to strive for moral perfection during the course of their earthly lives. ____Yes ____No
30. It is a sin to believe in the theory of evolution ____Yes ____No
31. If you are not Catholic, you cannot be admitted to heaven ____Yes ____No
32. The pope is infallible in everything that he puts on paper ____Yes ____No
33. The Communion of Saints includes the angels ____Yes ____No
34. There are three Theological Virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity and four cardinal virtues, Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude ____Yes ____No
35. Jesus is the fullness of God's revelation to us. We therefore will no longer receive any further essential Revelation ____Yes ____No

Go ahead. Give these questions a try. It is a very good refresher course on our Catholic faith and beliefs.

When you are done, you can click here to view the correct answers.
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