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We asked this question last week and not too many people were willing to jump into the fray, It is for this reason that we are making the following statements. We think that this is an important question. This is one of the questions that is "ahead of the curve" and thinks that it is important to communicate the church's position to you ahout it.
The foundation for the immorality of human cloning rests on the following principles:

1. The process of human cloning attacks the dignity of human procreation. .
2. The process of human cloning is an affront to the dignity of individuality.

Let's consider the reason given in number 1.

Methods of reproduction that result in offspring apart from the acts of marital union because they dissociate the ends of marriage. In vitro fertilization departs from from God's plan for human reproduction because it dispenses with the act of marital union. Cloning goes further than this as it doesn't involve the use of human male and female gametes. Because of this, the relationship between human male and female are not included. Father and Mother relationships are not included in the generation of the clone. This is therefore an exclusion of the relationship of filiation, consanguinity and of course, parenthood. Which mother would want to be the twin sister of her child?

What about the dignity of the individual stated in number 2?

what if you had to go around asking, "Who is my Mother" and could never find the identifying DNA? Every person has the god-Given right to be an individual for all eternity. The Adjective used for thid individuality is "ineffable." This eans that it is never able to be replicated. What if you got to heaven and found out that you had a complete identity with your father? Worse, how about having to stand in line behind five other souls?

Further, why would you want cloning?

You would not want to be cloned in order to create another human for the greater glory of God. You would want to be cloned so that you and your biological, naturally generated offspring would have a "bank" of compatible genetic material to replace organs that might be needed to save the life of Mom or Dad or Johnny in case of an accident. It would be nice to have another heart around, just in case. It would also be nice to be able to recreate sweet Betty who died so young. Now we can have her around and enjoy her just like we would have enjoyed Betty [1]. This is immoral because it is not life for the greater glory of God by for the joy and comfort of a self-centered human being.

Finally, cloning for "spare parts"?

No way! That is the ultimate insult to God. I need this extra being because I want to prolong my life. Since this being is not a fruit of my love but a scientific construct, I have the right to use the spare parts to make me live longer to enjoy my grandchildren, etc.
It is immoral to separate the procreative and unitive meanings of human reproduction.
Please stay informed about these matters.

I am who I am and only who I am...

I was never cloned and will never be. My individuality is eternal, just as God wants it to be. There will never be another me. I staked my claim to ME a long time ago. When I die, I will still be ME and no one else will ever be ME. Don't cry about that when you look into my coffin. If you do, my clone will scold you and your clone will have to come to your rescue. Then there wuill be tears all over he place. We can't let that happen.
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