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A Holy Week Experience Live from The Holy Land

EDITOR'S NOTE: Theology editor Paul Dion, STL, is travelling with his wife Isabel to Jerusalem for further Theological studies. His trip purposely coincides with the celebration of the Holy Week in the Holy City. During his pilgrimage, Paul will be posting daily reports for our readers direct from Jerusalem, the city where it all happened. Travelers to the Holy City will tell you that setting foot on the very ground where Jesus once walked, can be a very spiritual experience. Spending the Holy Week in the Holy City, where the entire Passion of Christ transpired 0ver 2000 years ago, is a truly special event in one's life.

We share with you, our readers, the Holy Week spiritual journey of one who walks the streets of Jerusalem as Christians worldwide celebrate the suffering and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please come back to this blog daily and be a part of "The Holy Week experience Live from the Holy Land."

You will see Paul Dion's daily reports from the Holy Land in the COMMENTS section of this post.

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"Jerusalem, My Jerusalem"
By Paul Dion, STL

Why is my soul crying out this way? What is the source of these groans of longing that keep escaping me from the deepest recesses of my soul?

Growing up I only felt this way for one other city, The Eternal One. Then some forty years ago Jerusalem took hold of me and has been twisting my heart strings for all that time. One time, 35 years ago I was on my way there when the superiors of the Mission interrupted my journey with orders for me to proceed post haste to New York to quell a fiery problem that had ignited suddenly in the ranks.

Now, I am going. I have tickets, borrowed money to sustain myself, a school to attend and a reason for going. Now, all I have to do it to get there.

Believe me, since we (my wife too, of course) made the decision to attend this school I have been examining my conscience. I am so timorous that God is going to find that rock that I struck twice rather than to trust Him. I am scrubbing every corner of my heart and soul to assure Him that I have a clean house that is in order.

All I can say is, I'm not there yet, and I pray that God has kept me around this long because He wants to give me the chance to see His Home Town so that when He takes me by the hand to walk me home I'll know where to go.

I have promised that I would take you all along with me through the magic of the Internet. I will make good on my promise. You can see that this is not a sight-seeing expedition for me. This is a walk on the edge of spiritual reality. I can assure you that you will not get my take on the politics of the region.

If I get the chance to place my prayer paper in a crack of the Wailing Wall, all your names will be on it. If I get a chance to dip my toe into the Jordan (Lord, not just my feet, but my head too...) I will shiver for all of you. As I walk the Via Dolorosa, I will gladly place myself in the position of the weeping mothers of Jerusalem so that I can weep with them while I am still alive so that I won't weep later.

I will share these moments with you in short spurts. I don't think that I want to take too much time away from My Host. After three weeks of school and meditation in Jerusalem, we will pray with our father in the faith, Benedict XVI in Rome, my Rome. St. Francis and St. Clare await us in Assisi along with some of my La Salette missionary classmates. We will wash ourselves with the tears of our Weeping Mother at LaSalette and then celebrate the glorious Immaculate Conception in Lourdes.

God willing, we will take some of His Spirit back for everybody here at the parish as well as for all of you who are connected to us and to our Savior electronically. We will bring back some of the motherly love and courage of His Sweet Mother. God willing, we will share His infusion of Grace through this event with you who have stayed home.

We invite you to pray with us as our journey allows us to be enveloped in the aura of His salvific journey to Earth. If something happens to me over there, (You know) then you sure won't cry at my funeral. If you do, I'll take my prayer paper out of the crack !

You will see the rest of Paul Dion's daily reports from the Holy Land in the COMMENTS section of this post.

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