Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Proud to be Catholic. That's right. Whenever the world needs a little shaking up, the country that takes up less ground than most municipalities in the world has the tools. Whenever the white robed leader of that Church/State steps out onto the world stage, God is telling us that it's spiritual seismic time.

That has perhaps not been truer than it is these days. The leader of the Catholic Church wields his portfolio with deft strokes of political acumen and enlightening spiritual insight. He speaks with authority not only to Catholics but to all peoples of the world. Take him or leave him, Benedict XVI is going to make you think. Take him or leave him, you won't forget what he told you. Like it or not, if he looks at you, you won't forget that either. Not only is he a powerful intellect, he is a spiritual power. He is also a true gentleman. He is courtly and polite. He is firm because he is sure of himself, intellectually and emotionally. He is fearless and daunting because of it. Yes, world, when your Pope moves, the air swirls all over the entire planet.

It is impressive to see the attention that this sacrament of God's presence on earth can generate from all stripes of human beings. It is impressive to see that the way the Pope moves over the earth is reminiscent of the mental images that are evoked in our minds when we read the derring do of Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses and so many other bigger than life Biblical characters. It is impressive to see that the world can bow to this living Messenger of the Word. It is always moving to see how the world comes together at a Pope's funeral. It is many times more moving to witness the swirl of leaves and the bending of the oaks of power as this living Apostle carves his path through the morass human behavior. We see it as the parting of the inimical waters so that the Spirit can move freely and bless them so that when the flood comes crashing down after His passing, it will wash and fertilize rather then drown and swamp. Yes, for just a little while, the Potomac and the Hudson will taste just like the Tiber. Thank you God for giving us that blessing.

Thank you, God for sharing your presence with us in such a graphic way. There are few indeed who can bring the corporate media giants to operate without commercial breaks. You can. You do. Alive or dead.

Gordon Brown sure picked a great time to come to Washington, didn't he?

I couldn't keep myself from making that remark. Did I just give you all a chance to cry at my funeral?
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