Saturday, July 6, 2013


"Faith implies a journey and a discovery. Faith itself is not the completion or the arrival. It's a journey. Abraham and the Magi signify this journey.
"It is impossible to believe alone." Faith is always communal. This means that faith always requires the Church.
Since we live in time, the faith is handed down in community." (Canterbury Tales: Dr. Taylor Marshall)

From the latest encyclical to come from the Holy See.  The two friends who have taken the wheel of the Ark (Benedict XVI and Francis) have produced a work of art for today's world.
This is the world of "social media" where people call themselves "friends" without ever having delved into the spiritual reality the one of the other.  Hearts and souls are now joined though the power of bytes and pixels, of BTW, BFF and ;))).  Even Jesus rides the Ethernet waves.  By faith, Abraham followed the directions of God the Father; by Faith Noah built the ark; by faith Moses led the people out of Egypt and across the desert and finally, by faith we read the words of Jesus as crafted by his earthly ambassador on a hand-held marvel of the 21st century. 
We no longer have to wait for Jesus to come up to Jerusalem from Galilee; we no longer have to wait for the Osservatore Romano to be published before hearing the word of God; we don't have to wait until the next time we see our BFF to share the Word.  There is now an app, [ParishWorld Mobile App] that begs for us to connect NOW and to pass the Word along, NOW.  As of today it is possible to walk together on the journey of developing faith.  As of today our faith is communal in a real sense.  We carry it in our hearts, our soul and our pocket and it radiates to our world through the ParishWorld Mobile App
Inspiration gets expressed NOW; prayer gets communicated to the one who needs it, NOW; prayer comes to the one who asks, NOW; the Sacred Scripture walks along with us and we share it as needed, NOW; the Holy Spirit just lit up my soul out of the blue.  I just have to tell you, NOW.
Yes, brethren, the world is now our parish.  The ParishWorld Mobile App does it.  Jesus just has to love this; He knows that this is the advent of a new time when it becomes all the more dynamic to "Go forth and baptize all nations" echoed by His mother's message from La Salette, "Well, my Children make this known to all my People." 
Come and discover the highest realities of the faith by carrying the material access to them in your pocket, all the easier therefore to walk, discover and stay in touch spiritually, constantly.


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