Monday, July 7, 2014


  • Matthew 25: 35   I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
July 4 was the anniversary of the declaration of independence of the new nation that had created itself by revolting against the kingdom of England.  Many who fought and died as well as the many who fought and lived were not counted among those who had been the first to disembark and set foot on this new land.  In fact, most came because they had the desire to be in a place that seemed to have unlimited potential for economic and life style improvement.  For many of us the story we know and cling to begins with the immigration of the Pilgrims. These were Christians who were being persecuted for their beliefs in their home country of England. More than for religious freedom however, they were seeking more human freedom and greater opportunity for self improvement.

The fact that many of the original immigrants were Christians who had been persecuted did not prevent them from the cruel and genocidal acts that they visited upon the indigenous people whom they found here.  These newcomers felt perfectly comfortable ridding their new-found world of the "savages" who had been developing the land in their own way for thousands of years before the encroaching Europeans.  These parvenus Europeans had no conscientious objection to stealing, killing and dispossessing whole "pagan" families of their birthright.
As the great White Horde moved west, more and more indigenous people were wiped out.  Families were destroyed, land was expropriated by force, dwellings were burned and to assure that the living would not have to suffer destitution, they were killed too.  These Christians followed the sun clear into the line of its falling into the depths of the Great Blue Water.
As it turns out, the first days of July, 2014 are showing us that the dark savagery of the New American Soul is alive and well.  The new immigrants (even if they came on the Mayflower, they're still "new" compared to those that they are reviling) are still viciously subjugating anyone who gets in their way.  No matter that the newly independent country only accounts for less than one third of the surface of North America; no matter that the white European is no longer the sole driving force of the national culture any more (about 65% of the population).  White Europeans still are convinced that this is their land.

This is not their land.  This is no human's land.  This is God's land.  This is God's planet.  This is God's universe. I look around and I listen around and I hear all kinds of insults directed at peoples of other lands in other corners of the earth.  Every chance I get, I tell those who speak in hatred and disgust about other human beings in other countries, that in this country we are disgusting too. We, all of us, come from somewhere else.  I live in a part of San Diego, California where in about 3 square miles there are 35 distinct mother tongues spoken at home.  I myself was forbidden to speak English at home.  My forebears came to North America from western Europe early in the 17th century.  They did not come to escape religious persecution.  They came for endless and measureless free land and the opportunity that it gave to "city slickers" such as they.  They never thought it was their land.  In fact, they're all dead, but the land is still there and someone else is enjoying it.  What good does it do to anyone torture any other human being over land?

Notice that I have not made this writing very religious or spiritual.  I don't have to.  Those of you reading this know what God  told his people on numerous occasions about being kind to the stranger.  You all know that He numerous times told His people, "Remember, you were once slaves in Egypt..."  Finally, He told us all to go forth and baptize ALL nations in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I don't have to remind you of all of this.  I kept it for my closing line so that you can go to bed thinking about what you are going to do to help the poor and the broken find comfort and prosperity in this country.  Don't think about Ellis Island.  Think about God.  Think about the fact that to throw the stranger out with the garbage is a sin that cries out to God for vengeance.  Yes it does, and all you Catholics and various other "Christians" know it.  Now, be kind to the stranger, for you too were once a stranger on the very land that you now occupy.  I feel better now that I have scolded you because I know that it gives you good reason not to cry at my funeral
                                                                                  With my apologies to the people of the First Nation.
Wait until you see what  will write in the Krusty Kurrmujjin.

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