Monday, December 8, 2014


I have been on this earth for going on 78 years now.  I guess I still have a lot to learn. Since when are church pews qood advertising venues for those who want to make a mark for themselves, or should I say a mark of themselves?  I really should not be surprised since this is the crowning glory in a long history of immorality in this neighborhood.  

Ten years ago we came to this parish of St. Christopher upon the request of the priest who was then the pastor.  He said that he needed help.  That, as it turns out, was an understatement.  The amount and quality of help that was needed was more than one couple could begin to supply.  Not only was the functioning of the organization in need of great improvement, but the city in which the church is located needs more help than the church does.

Over the ten years of our stay here we have learned that anything that is not anchored to the core of the earth or locked deep into a mountain cave somewhere, will disappear. Simple locked doors and bolted collection boxes are not sufficient security.  There is nothing that can be protected from theft in this neighborhood.  Nothing.

Now it appears that the inside of the church is going to have to be guarded by trained Kodiak Bears living inside.  Looking at the name on the pew it looks like metal detectors and body X-Ray scanners are next.  Naturally, since this is a church, we have to expect things like this.  After all, we have been warned by the Apocalypse that there are places like this on the way to the Pearly Gates.  You just have to make it through and hope that the mighty angel will scoop you up and swish you away from the evil malefactors. 

23 DANI (or is it DONI?) is in fact making it challenging for us to try to find the key to the path leading to the way how to make any good come out of this hideous vandalism.  So far, it has been 12 or 14 hours since I have been trying to find out where the good thread is to be found in order to weave a nice warm blanket out of this Bison Mane hair.  Maybe ol' DANI was just devising a new prayer scheme; maybe working on some new runes that would make it easier for God to decipher when we earthlings need to communicate; it might be possible that he/she(?) was in practice mode to be the next Mr.Buonarotti. That may be a little far fetched because the Pietà moment is gone and Moses is no longer in style.   I have a clue that indicates that DANI has high ambitions.  Notice that the "i" has the dot on top of it?   This individual was in no way being rushed.  This bit of meticulosity shows that there was plenty of time and that the art was the true object.  So look for some good in all of this we must, but for the time being the one good that I would like to find is the neck of the buffoon who vandalized the church pew.

Despite my boiling blood, I nevertheless urge you to pray for the witless specimen who defaced the furniture and pray for me because I am still looking for the good that is going to come out of this.  

I have to find it if I want to be sure that you won't cry at my funeral.
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